About Us

About Us

Here are a few of the particulars about how PSF Technology Company came to be. As a company, we’re a relatively new player in the world of content creation, but behind the scenes we have a couple decades’ worth of experience and fine tuning.That was a tremendous learning experience and certainly set the tone for what we are doing now.A few years went by and we each learned everything we could about the world of online marketing and content creation. Eventually, we realized it was time to get back into it, only this time with a singular focus on one element of the marketing puzzle.We believe in providing the highest quality content for our clients, that will satisfy search engines and speak to the humans that you want to buy your products and services. If you can’t please both, you’re in trouble.We also believe that you shouldn’t have to mortgage your house just to have a quality website content or regular blog posts that will help to grow your client’s business. That’s why we provide content to our clients that is reasonably priced.If you have any questions about how we started or where we plan to go, feel free to get in touch and we’ll be happy to tell you.

Cross-browser also cross-device adaptability made by mobile responsiveness all under one shelter. Beginning from basic website designs, including CMS and online store building to extremely complex business website apps and design solutions, we will customize the most suitable web development solutions for you.

Crafting a brand individuality for your profession that will convey your plan, goals and all that you denote to do for your audience - set inside a particular design - joining your business with your clients

Developing a long-term and strong marketing plan that will increase and live a larger life, while ensuring your clients stay with you and explain the world the stories of your business’s awesomeness changing our custom-made business plans into real-time success.

Why to Choose us

Custom Application Development

PSF Technology is a web design and development company which has the distinction of providing its design and development services to some of the biggest

Social Media Marketing

Intranets have evolved in the past decade from chaotic employee bulletin boards to highly effective means of internal communication, learning, and collaboration.

Explainer Videos

Attaching your business to the world We maintain a great deal of expertise in social media networking and this is apparent from the fact that we have been in the news for some of our researches on the newest trends reported in the world of social media. Enjoy the perks of joining with your people through the most sought after business process over the web.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We have a well-planned SEO strategy that will suit your business requirements. Optimizing your site based on our powerful keyword research similarity will drive your site to the top of the search engine results.

Email Marketing

E-mailers can help companies target a specific audience for a specific message. With embedded interactivity and personalisation e-mailers are able to build connections

Windows Mobile App development

Offering new and latest ideas, while organizing tailor-made design solutions along with tried-and-proven methods, we develop Windows phone apps that are customized to meet your business goals, examining the latest trends in the market.